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Desinfection and autoclavation of medical products in health institutions are regulated since 1.1.1997 by the Medizinproduktegesetz (MPG), BGBL.Nr.657/1996. According to these regulations cleaning, disinfection and autoclavation of medical devices and the process of validation have to be

organized and conducted in such a way that the results are comprehensibly reproducible and the safety and healthiness of patients, medical staff and other involved third parties

is not put at risk.

Cleaning Jet Pistol Systems made of Aluminium and Stainless Steel

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We support the efforts to cope with the hygienic challenges.

The RfQ cleaning pistol is an ideal tool for a rapid and effective cleansing.

Spray Guns made by

RfQ-Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Sattlerstrasse 28

78532 Tuttlingen / Germany

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Operators of hospitals ...

... and care facilities are subject to a particular responsibility when it comes to the processing of medical products. Aside from the required technical equipment and appropriate local facilities a trained staff is needed as well.
The maintenance of almost sterile or sterile medical products has to be performed by validated procedures in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer in a way

  • a successful and verifiable result is ensured

  • the safety and health integrity of patients, medical staff or third parties is not jeopardized

A maintenance according to the rules can be assumed whenever the recommendations and provisions of the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Prevention against Infection (KRINKO) and of the German Federal Institute for Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Surveillance are followed and applied in full.

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A thorough and in-depth cleansing is an essential prerequisite for an accurate processing.

The cleaning and maintenance of medical products is aiming at a highly residue-free removal of organic debris and chemical substances. The removal procedure is typically performed by means of water and chemical cleaning boosters.
The final rinsing and the removal of disinfecting residuals requires water which fulfills a minimum of a mandatory quality standard (drinking water). For specifically defined medical products the utilization of water of a superior classification, e.g. VE-water
can be compulsory.

As a matter of principle, we recommend for most applications in Health Institutions or in the Pharmaceutical Industry environment the usage of take-apart and reprocessable Cleaning Pistols made of premium stainless steel.

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Validated methods for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing are the basis for quality assurance

Standard Cleaning Pistol solutions like the ‘Selecta’ Cleaning Pistol do not withstand for material reason the pH of VE-water.

To avoid any risk of re-contamination of medical products following a wet cleaning cycle a thorough drying procedure is required.

By not doing so there is the risk that microorganisms will

re-emerge in the residual moisture during storing.


For this drying process Cleaning Pistols made of aluminum or stainless steel can be used likewise.

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More information about Cleaning Jet Pistols from RfQ can be found on the website

Catalogue Cleaning Jet Spray Guns 2024

Guideline for validation of manual cleaning and

manual chemical disinfection of medical devices

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